Is your idea new? Is it more than an idea? Is it just a concept for a new product feature or does it suggest the makings of a patentable feature?

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The more you can help us understand your idea, the easier we’ll find it to assess. This will help Medtronic ensure an efficient and timely review of your submission.

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We acknowledge all submissions by email before sharing them with the appropriate therapy area leaders for evaluation. If we need more information, we’ll contact you.

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Manmade ‘bioartificial organs’ on horizon

Manmade ‘bioartificial organs’ in development could transform life for patients whose kidneys, pancreas or lungs are failing. Prof. Dr. Dimities Stamatialis from the University of Twente explains how he is working to recreate the genius of living membranes. More


Legal Information

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MDT Eureka Testing
From concept into a physical implementation

Some selected projects may proceed to a testing phase to demonstrate feasibility and therapy effectiveness. More